Making mobile affordable

June 22, 2017
By Michael Hayes

Technology is changing our lives at an ever increasing rate and by extension changing how businesses operate. Therefore businesses should be investing in technology but it can be very expensive. A typical mobile app can cost easily over £20,000 but RookieOven tenant Add Jam have a solution for making mobile affordable and accessible to more businesses - Pocket Leap.

Pocket Leap mobile apps for tourism

Why make an app?

Mobile platforms (namely iOS and Android) are for many people their main gateway to the internet. The device is always with them, powerful, fast, secure and always reliable so there are many reasons why a business would want to make a mobile app.

Add Jam believe mobile has huge potential for many businesses but for too long has been inaccessible, costly and difficult to get started in that’s why they created Pocket Leap. If you want to give customers an more engaging mobile experience than a web site you can create useful mobile apps with Pocket Leap that take full advantage of mobile devices.

Pocket Leap apps work offline and make full use of mobile features such as mapping, indoor positioning and push notifications. And at only £180 per month for an iOS app Add Jam are confident its a game changer for businesses looking to create a fantastic mobile experience for their customers.

Easy to use CMS

The core of Pocket Leap is the clean and easy to use dashboard (or Content Management System).

With Pocket Leap you start off by selecting a ‘theme’ for your app. This creates an app bundle on iOS and Android automatically for you with the right layout and configures the simple content management system (CMS) where you can input and manage your app content. The CMS is designed to be useable — the mission is to allow people to make an app without talking to a developer.

Pocket Leap mobile apps for tourism easy to use cms

The CMS is uncluttered and has simple navigation. We’ve purposefully developed it in a way where we take care of the complexity.

Although easy to use, through the CMS the app can be styled (colour palette, icons) and theme options (such as map pin style, tab names etc) can be customised. Users hit publish and the app is on its way to the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store. Simple. Painless. And with Pocket Leap there's no need to pay support fees or annual maintenance. The team behind the product make sure your app stays fresh and usable automatically. When Apple and Google release new versions of iOS and Android they make sure the app is ready for day one of the new operating system.

iOS and Android

One of the big benefits of Pocket Leap is being able to service both iOS and Android platforms for an affordable monthly amount. The apps are native to their respective platforms.

This means on iOS the app will use the Apple share icon and share sheet. On Android the app will make use of the Android back button and the icons and fonts will fit the platform by default. There isn't a compromise to making the apps work across both platforms.

How much?

Pocket Leap, with this unique blend of ease of use and powerful features, empowers businesses to really deliver a quality mobile experience to their customers. It will empower businesses to have their brand present on customers devices, allow businesses to engage through a simple push notification and all the while Pocket Leap will be collecting useful data and providing useful insights through our built in analytics.

It costs only £180 per month for an iPhone app and £300 per month for an app on both iPhone and Android. That's a massive saving on the previous approach of making custom mobile apps. Actually the monthly fee for Pocket Leap is likely more affordable than the support and maintenance agreement on a bespoke app build.

To find out more about Pocket Leap visit their website, email the founder Chris at or catch them on Twitter @pocketleap