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Glasgow has the potential to produce world class technology companies. As a city we have stacks of talent and a proud history of innovation. This makes Glasgow a fantastic place to establish and grow tech companies.

Our goal is to see more successful tech startups emerge from Glasgow. We want to see a more ambitious and cohesive startup community with a culture of collaboration and co-operation at its core. Together we can achieve massive success.

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Glasgow is a small city, bursting with talent.


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RookieOven Academy - What Our Students Are Telling Us

As well as gearing up for RookieOven Academy Three, we've been reflecting on the last two Academies and taking the time to figure out what's working well, what needs improved and what (if anything), needs 'moved to trash'.

We're driven to help the next generation of ambitious tech entrepreneurs...

Adimo raises £1 million to make marketing shoppable.

About Adimo

Adimo is making marketing shoppable. Its platform integrates with any form of marketing – including display ads, landing pages, websites, social media and video - to make it shoppable. Thanks to Adimo’s integrations with retailers, shoppers simply select products and add them directly to their online supermarket...

The RookieOven Story

RookieOven was founded by Michael Hayes in mid 2011. Straight out of studying a Computer Science degree at University Michael had his first startup experience and... it didn't go so well. Why? Well there was no community. No network of like minded people to bounce things off. No support network of people going through the same ups and downs. Something had to be done so RookieOven started as a monthly meetup. A simple premise - grab a beer, meet fellow founders and share your experiences with each other.

Our meetups work well to connect founders across the city but Glasgow still lacked a home for the tech community and it became natural for RookieOven open up a coworking space to serve as a focal point of the Glasgow tech and startup community. Our gorgeous space in the Fairfield Shipyard Offices serves as a home for meetups, events and those looking to work day in, day out with other talented founders. RookieOven is by startup founders, for startup founders and driven froward by a passion for Glasgow to be a vibrant hub of technology and innovation.

Want to chat? Email michael@rookieoven.com