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Startup Spotlight - With Jack

By Charlotte Dougall | March 6, 2018

The RookieOven Startup Spotlight highlights a member of the Scottish tech startup community. The aim is to, as the name suggests, put the spotlight on Scotland’s best startups from across the country. It’s an opportunity to share information about an exciting tech startup from Scotland you may not have heard of. Giving a brief overview of the company, what they do, where they are and who they are. This post the spotlight falls on RookieOven tenant With Jack.

Introducing Digital Technology Meetup Glasgow

By Michael Hayes | August 21, 2017

Glasgow is a world leading tourist destination with a rich history, spectacular events and diverse culture. Glasgow is also home to a strong and vibrant community of world leading technology companies (as showcased by RookieOven).

Just Add Code

By John Bell | August 18, 2017

If you're reading this I'll hazard a crazy guess you're involved in tech. So when did you start to learn about it? When you were a child or a teenager? From a website or even...a book? You may just be amazed at how things have changed...

An Introduction to Metrics Driven Development — build features that change real numbers.

By Michael Carr | July 30, 2017

How many times have developers picked up tickets because they were in the backlog? Delivered them and never asked why? Metrics driven development tries to put an end to this. It focuses the teams and business on building features that aim to have high impact on what matters i.e. logins, revenue, or sign ups. You can read more about this in a blog I posted back in February. I want to talk about where I used this methodology in a real world example, and how this could change the way your organisation works forever.

Grenfell Tower Support Hack

By Michael Hayes | June 23, 2017

What happened on 14 June was terrible. The fire that devastated the Grenfell Tower took 79 lives and changes many more. In the days and weeks following the fire there has been such a clear need to support those effected. So what can the people of Glasgow do to help?

Making mobile affordable

By Michael Hayes | June 22, 2017

Technology is changing our lives at an ever increasing rate and by extension changing how businesses operate. Therefore businesses should be investing in technology but it can be very expensive. A typical mobile app can cost easily over £20,000 but RookieOven tenant Add Jam have a solution for making mobile affordable and accessible to more businesses - Pocket Leap.

Founders4Schools comes to Scotland

By Michael Hayes | June 15, 2017

RookieOven works hard to create a better startup community in Scotland and we strongly feel a large part of this is taking time to foster the next generation of tech talent. We do this with our Academy programmes that have run over the past 12 months but we're alway eager to see more happening to inspire young people and give them fresh opportunities they otherwise wouldn't have.

Scottish startups don't have to be based in Scotland

By Michael Hayes | June 14, 2017

With RookieOven I've always tried my best to shine a spotlight on tech companies and happenings across Scotland. The blog has covered startups from Ayr to Aberdeen over the years but last week, for the first time, I added a startup based in California to the RookieOven job board. If we're all about helping Scottish startups why would we do that? Well I think you don't necessarily need to be based in Scotland full time to play a part in our tech community. Here's a few examples.

RookieOven Academy - What our students are telling us

By John Bell | March 17, 2017

As well as gearing up for RookieOven Academy Three, we've been reflecting on the last two Academies and taking the time to figure out what's working well, what needs improved and what (if anything), needs 'moved to trash'.

Adimo raises £1 million to make marketing shoppable.

By Peter Retson | February 28, 2017

About Adimo

Adimo is making marketing shoppable. Its platform integrates with any form of marketing – including display ads, landing pages, websites, social media and video - to make it shoppable. Thanks to Adimo’s integrations with retailers, shoppers simply select products and add them directly to their online supermarket basket for later purchase with the rest of their weekly shop. Adimo also gives brands valuable behavioural data about customer decision-making. The marketing tech company was founded in 2012 and has offices in Glasgow and London.

TRC Media - Special Edition

By Peter Retson | February 26, 2017

TRC Media acknowledge that women are under-represented at board level in the tech/digital sector in Scotland - so they decided to take action. Special Edition is an initiative that aims to help women reach their full potential in the industry. The six-month programme offers participants a chance to learn from detailed workshops and develop not only their professional and creative skills, but their entrepreneurial and networking skills.

RookieOven Academy - Demo Day

By Michael Hayes | December 14, 2016

Last night was Demo Day for the RookieOven Academy and brought an end to our second cohort. With the Academy the goal is for the young people to come along to RookieOven, form groups and then for each group to come up with product ideas and turn them into the foundations of a solid business.

RookieOven Academy - UX Design

By John Bell | December 7, 2016

We're currently running our second RookieOven Academy; each week we call on talent in the Glasgow tech industry to come to RookieOven and impart their experience, knowledge and top tips with the Academy participants. For week 4 of this Academy, Jen Thomson, UX and Digital Product Designer, shares with RookieOven Academy some amazing resources (nearly all of which are free) that she recommends for UX design.

Glasgow Tech Christmas Party 2016!

By Kyle Bremner | November 30, 2016

Dig out that Christmas jumper, dust off your Santa hat and get ready for some seasonal cheer… It’s the Glasgow Tech Christmas Party!

RookieOven Academy Two

By Michael Hayes | October 17, 2016

Earlier this year we ran our first RookieOven Academy. It ran for 5 weeks (across 6, 2 hour sessions) from May into June with talented and ambitious young people from across Glasgow learning from some of the brightest minds in the Scottish startup community such as Cally Russell, Ashley Baxter and Graeme McGowan. Participants, all aged between 16-18, came up with their own business concepts and developed them into valid products that they pitched to a real investor.