5 Reasons Coworking Works

April 26, 2018
Charlotte Dougall
Charlotte Dougall

Founder of Blether, helping small businesses do big things online.

When starting a business, you might be drawn in by the appeal of working in your pyjamas on the couch. If you’re going it alone, you’ll probably be looking to cut your costs down as much as possible in the early stages of your business, so renting an office space might not be an accessible option for you. Working at a coworking space like RookieOven gives you the best of both worlds - flexible, affordable office space with the freedom to be creative and build your business on your own terms.

Sure, we might be biased, but having worked in an innovative coworking space like RookieOven, we feel like it’s the way forward for startups, freelancers, remote workers and the rest. Here are just five of the reasons that we think coworking, works.


We’re always told about the importance of networking, both for building connections in more “traditional” careers and when going solo, but who has the time? Networking events are brilliant spaces to meet new people, however not everyone is able to give up their evenings in order to attend them all. When working in a space like RookieOven, you’ll be working alongside like-minded entrepreneurs who are on hand to help share their skills, knowledge and connections. You’ll meet some incredible people, and build your network naturally.


You’ll find a variety of people in RookieOven, there’s the startup founders and the solo entrepreneurs, the freelancers and the remote workers, the students and the “just visiting”. We’ve got people developing insurance businesses, travel products, web designers, technological services and so much more - there’s always going to be someone on hand to bounce ideas off of or have a chat with about something that’s got you stuck. There’s a lot that can be learned from hanging out in our space!


Coffee shop meetings are all well and good, but what about those days where your favourite table has been taken or the cafe has been invaded by a rather chatty group? Many coworking spaces, like RookieOven, offer professional meeting and event space that you can use to impress your clients. We’ve even got a pool table, too, in case you fancy a bit of friendly competition.


Working at home can be great, but sometimes it gets a bit difficult to switch off at the end of the day. When your home is your office, finding that coveted work-life balance can be tricky. Using a coworking space gives you a dedicated workspace that you can properly leave behind at the end of the day, helping bring some structure to your working week and making it that little bit easier to switch off.


Working solo can be tough when you’ve not got anyone around to socialise with. Water cooler chat might seem mundane, but there are some people out there that really thrive with a bit of social interaction. Come hang out with us, and we’ll give you peace when you need it, but we’re also there for a natter too. We promise to try not to bore you with too much chat about the weather…

(also, the office dogs and our pool table make it pretty fun, too.)

Want to try coworking out? Get involved with National Coworking Day on the on the 8th of May.

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