RookieOven Academy - What our students are telling us

March 17, 2017
By John Bell

As well as gearing up for RookieOven Academy Three, we've been reflecting on the last two Academies and taking the time to figure out what's working well, what needs improved and what (if anything), needs 'moved to trash'.

We're driven to help the next generation of ambitious tech entrepreneurs fulfil their potential by giving them an insight into what it takes to start up their own business and (we hope) inspiring them to take the next step. We want to have a positive impact. And, in order to check that what we're doing is having the sort of impact we want it to, we evaluate it regularly.

Having evaluated Academies One and Two, we've produced a infographic (below) to show what we've learned.

If you're 16-25, have a passion for tech and are keen to develop your startup business skills, apply now.

And if you're still thinking, 'Mmm...don't think this is for me...' have a look below to find out what our students are telling us about the Academy. We think you'll like it.

RookieOven Academy - feedback on Academy 1 and 2