AARRR! Startup Metrics for Pirates

October 1, 2011
By Michael Hayes

It’s pretty much impossible to be serious about tech startups and you not have came across Dave McClure. Dave McClure is an angel investor, runs the 500 startups incubator and is on the board of one of the hottest startups of the moment Twilio, basically he knows his stuff.

In 2008 the Edinburgh Entreprenuers Club invited Dave over to talk. Although it’s over 3 years old the advice is still very relevant and his presentation is worth a read:

Startup Metrics For Scottish Pirates (AARRR!) v1.3

 View more presentations from Dave McClure

If the slide doesn’t quite hit the spot there is this short video as Dave rapidly fires through the AARRR concept.  Older than the presentation but the message is the same and, I think, still very valid:

A lot of good content there from Dave McClure, would suggest looking at some more of his slides especially the one on “How to Pitch a VC”. His blog, 500 hats, is on hold at the moment but there is lots of great content that he has added over the past few years.

So will I be seeing skull and crossbones flying from startup headquarters across Scotland?