Why Be a Startup Founder?

August 17, 2011
Michael Hayes
Michael Hayes

Co-Founder of RookieOven and Add Jam

Juan Manuel Fangio also know as “The Master” is a five time Formula One World Champion. Incredible achievement but he did this whilst racing in cars with body work like tinfoil, no seatbelt, wearing a tshirt and with an almost 100% chance of death if he crashed. So what would posses someone to race?

Juan Manuel Fangio

Well I came across this quote by Juan Manuel Fangio on why racing drivers do what they do:

“There are those who keep out of mischief, and there are the adventurers. We racing drivers are adventurers; the more difficult something is, the greater the attraction that comes from it.” -  Juan Manuel Fangio 

I feel you could easily substitute in startup founder. Its strikingly similar, granted I think the mortality rate for startup founders is quite low in comparison but there is a massive chance of failure. Some stats put the failure rate for startups at 90%, thats an insanely high number. Being a startup founder has to be on of the most difficult things someone could undertake but that really is part of the attraction. Do you agree?

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