What Would You Like From The Next Meetup?

August 12, 2011
Michael Hayes
Michael Hayes

Co-Founder of RookieOven and Add Jam

Although things with Vesume haven’t quite gone to plan I intend fully to continue this blog and to make the monthly meetups even better. My personal view is the meetups should remain informal get togethers to allow local startups to get to know each other. Basically just a gab over a few beers and a couple slices of pizza but what would you like to see?

I’ve had a few attendees suggest having speakers who will give a 5-10 min talk about a particular topic relevant of course to startups and technology. Is that something that would be worthwhile and if so who would you like to speak? Feel free to nominate yourself as a speaker.

Another option is to have a show and tell. With the talent that is in the room it would be an excellent opportunity for some fellow startups to come and show off their early builds and get some meaningful feedback from others in the same boat. Who better to provide feedback than those who have been at the same stage already?

So what do you think? Would love some feedback in the comments or you can tweet me @_1. Remember the next meetup is on the 5th of September so if you have an excellent idea get the comment down as soon as possible because there isn’t long to go to get the plan in place for the coming meetup.

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