First Post in a While… My Bad

July 22, 2011
Michael Hayes
Michael Hayes

Co-Founder of RookieOven and Add Jam

Apologies for not writing a post in a wee while. Had a crazy busy few weeks but the good news is… I’m away on holiday tomorrow. So being away the week before the next meetup in Glasgow is less than ideal but hopefully the word will get out and we can get an even bigger crowd along.

Since the last meetup a lot has happened in the world of tech, Google Plus is now at 10 million plus users and has an iOS app, Spotify hit the US, there has been much debate about the European VC scene and European startups have been accused of being copy cats and of course OSX Lion has been released. So lots to discuss in the wider industry and I’m sure lots of stuff happening with everyone else.

Also since the last meetup the guys at the Bier Halle Hippo Lounge in Sauchiehall Street have been in touch and have offered the place as the regular venue and have said they will provide us with pizza’s. The place has wifi so if anyone wants to bring along some of their work to run it past a few like minded folk feel free. The meetup kicks off as usual at half 6 on first Monday of the month which for August is the 1st. I’ve made an Event for the meetup over on the RookieOven Facebook page, would appreciate if you could let me know if you’re coming along.

If anyone has any suggestions about the meetup leave a comment or send me a tweet @_1.

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